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Your source for planning, developing, and implementing online WinHelp and HTML-based Help systems using RoboHelp Office and RoboHelp Enterprise.

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I am no longer providing RoboHelp training and consulting. I thank everyone for your support over the years.

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The TipList has been updated with new material on the release of RoboHelp X5. Check out the new material by clicking on the TipList link below:


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Updated 04/03/2008 and Help Consultants LLC, are devoted to Help Authoring using the most popular help authoring tools on the market. You have arrived perhaps to look up RoboHelp training courses in Dayton, Ohio, or in Sweden, or to view or join the TipList, the longest running and perhaps the largest collection of help authoring tips and tutorials on the Internet, or to enquire about consulting or development of an electronic performance support system (EPSS). Maybe you are searching for Help Authoring books, or you need the latest downloads for Oracle Help for Java, JavaHelp, or the Microsoft HTML-Help Workshop. Whatever your reason... you have arrived at an online Help Authoring resource.  If there is anything I can add to the site that would be useful, please write to let me know.  

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