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  HTML-Help Workshop


Every HTML-Help author should have the complete HTML-Help Workshop from Microsoft. This program's Help file is indispensable and should be a primary reference for HTML-Help authors. Download the HTML-Help Workshop directly from Microsoft's web site. The download is now found on the Microsoft XP Resource Kit page.

3.4 MB

HTML Filter 2.0 for Office 2000

For older versions of RoboHelp (RoboHelp 2000 and prior), Word documents can not be converted into HTML and then imported into RoboHTML without this filter!

266 KB

Microsoft Developer Page

Help Workshop for WinHelp 

HCW.EXE 4.03

Every WinHelp Help author should have the complete Help Workshop compiler program from Microsoft.  This is a straight download from Microsoft/Conxion. Contains HCW.EXE, SHED.EXE, & the Dialog Box Help Editor.

1.6 MB

Oracle Help for Java

The latest releases as of: Jan 20 2003

Oracle Help for Java (OHJ) 4.2.0. 

Oracle Help for Java (OHJ) 4.1.17

Oracle Help for the Web (OHW release 1.1.1)

6 MB

RoboHelp does not ship with the Oracle Help components. This link takes you to Oracle's website

Debug and Error-check your Help

When I'm not busy teaching I do presentations. This one, Debugging and error checking Help systems, is a PowerPoint presentation presented at the Chicago Chapter of STC in January 2000. Jan 2000

144 KB
(WinHelp project)

WinHelp Macro Help project presentation for STC in Louisville & Lexington. Macros and more macros. May 2000

77 KB

Macro Presentation

PowerPoint slides used for the STC WinHelp Macro presentation in Louisville and Lexington (via teleconference) in May 2000.

161 KB

download/ RoboHelp Classic course files, not included on training CD.  

updated on 04/03/08