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Do you need RoboHelp Training?

Help Consultants conducts Basic-Intermediate & Advanced level RoboHelp training in Dayton, Ohio and onsite for 3 or more students around the country. All courses are taught by online information expert, Rob Magrino, a Certified Instructor, Certified Technical Trainer, and Microsoft Certified Professional. Courses are when the minimum number of students has enrolled.  If you are interested in a course, please complete the form below. As soon as 3 or more students enroll in a course, we can coordinate a training date. For more training options, or for onsite training, please see our custom training page.

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Onsite training   
Public course in Dayton

RoboHelp X5 Basic-Intermediate
     HTML-based Training  - 3 Days

RoboHelp X5 Advanced 
     HTML-based Training - 2 Days

RoboHelp X5 for Word (WinHelp) 
     Basic - Intermediate Training - 3 Days

RoboHelp X5 for Word (WinHelp)
     Advanced Training - 2 Days

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