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RoboHelp X5 Onsite Training Outline

Basic - Intermediate HTML-based Help Training

Taught by Rob Magrino, Certified Instructor.
Download a 2-page PDF Course Outline.

This three-day course starts with the basics and progresses through the systematic construction of two online help projects.  You learn step-by-step, how to plan, develop, structure, and implement online help systems for HTML Help and WebHelp systems. 

Modules are designed to reinforce the skills learned from earlier exercises.  The result: a training experience that provides real-world solutions to online help development. A final project at the end of day three allows you to practice the skills you have learned. The training manual is packed with time-saving tips and techniques, plus an online version of the training manual (in HTML Help format) is provided on the training CD. 

Cost: $1100 per student 

Course Outline


Welcome to RoboHelp X5!

Using the courseware

Skill Assessment

What is Online Help?

Understanding Online Help

What Should Help Accomplish?

What is RoboHelp HTML?

What is HTML-based Help

HTML Pages & Help Topics

What is HTML?

What is a Help Topic

Types Help Topics

Plan & Design a Help System

The Help Authoring Cycle

Types of Help Projects

The Development Cycle

Planning a Help System

Designing Online Help

Developing Online Help

Distributing  Online Help

Maintaining Online Help

Creating Help Projects

Creating help projects

Getting Around in RoboHelp

Opening Help Projects

Viewing a Help System

Opening Existing Help Projects

Creating Topics & Templates

Creating Topics in RoboHelp

Importing HTML Files

Importing Word Documents

Importing PDF Files

Importing XML Files

Creating Topic Templates

Help Project Organization

Organizing Topics

Organizing Help Projects

Renaming Help Topics

Formatting with Style Sheets

What is a Cascading Style Sheet?

Creating Style Sheets

Creating a Table of Contents

Creating a Table of Contents

Creating TOCs Automatically

Customizing the TOC

Creating Hyperlinks

Creating Links to Topics

Adding Related Topics Controls

Creating an Index

What is an Index?

Creating Indexes Automatically

Adding Images & Media

Adding Images to Help Topics

Using the ReSize Utility

Organizing Image Files

Using Empty Folders

Adding RoboDemo Clips

Adding Glossaries

Using Online Glossaries

Creating Expandable Hotspots

Creating Drop Down Hotspots

Generating & Distributing HTML Help

Configuring HTML Help Windows

Single Source Layouts

How to Distribute HTML Help

Context Sensitive HTML Help

What is Context Sensitive Help

Configuring Project Windows

Understanding Map IDs

Using BugHunter

Creating a WebHelp Project

Converting WinHelp to HTML-based Help

Font Sets

Creating Structure & Navigation

Structuring a Help Project

Multi-File Find and Replace

Creating Topics Using Templates

See Also Controls & Browse Sequences

See Also Controls

Browse Sequences

Image Maps, Bookmarks & Skins

Image Maps



Generating FlashHelp

XML Output

Dynamic HTML & Special Effects

Dynamic HTML

Text Boxes

Adding Sounds to Help Topics

Creating Text Only Popups

Working with HTML Forms

Creating HTML Forms

WebHelp Distribution

Publishing WebHelp

Conditional Build Tags & Printed Documentation

Creating Printed Documentation

Conditional Text

Context Sensitive WebHelp

About Context Sensitive WebHelp

Creating Context Sensitive Help topics

Generating Reports

About RoboHelp Reports

Using RoboSource Control

What is Source Control?

Using RoboSource Control

Configuring the RoboSource Control Client

Disaster Recovery


Optimizing RoboHelp

Keyboard Shortcuts

Skill assessment