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What are students saying about their training experience with Help Consultants...

"The instructor was well prepared and had a great demeanor. He was very patient and adapted to students on all levels. His final exercise was enjoyable and easy to follow. Overall a good course; I feel comfortable with generating help! I would most definitely recommend this course to students who are interested in learning how to use RoboHelp." 

"This was perhaps the best training class I've taken; and believe me, I've been taking a lot of them lately. PWC makes it mandatory for us to take 120 CPE credits over a three year period. 

You developed a wonderful rapport with the class. I was continually amazed at how well you know the products, its pitfalls, and its inner workings. The textbook is terrific. I am confident that I can take it back to the office and have all the information I need to reinforce the training. In addition, you make it so convenient for us to contact you via your website, email and by phone. So I am comfortable that any questions I may have can be answered. A+++

It's hard to identify the "most" influencial thing (that could improve my satisfaction), but I think your knowledge and the supporting textbook that you personally created. The fact that you wrote the textbook gave me a comfort zone for your knowledge and talent!!! Thanks for a terrific training session. Linda "

What influenced your level of satisfaction?
"The size of the class - I like small classes because I feel I can get the individual attention I need. I think I may have just lucked out, though, for this class. I also think the facilities were great. I know also that you came highly recommended, and I would agree with the overall consensus. Your class was very thorough and deliberately planned. I've been in many courses where the instructor does not even get into some of the more meaty issues of the tool. You gave us many examples and applied what we were learning to real-life situations..." H.F.

"Rob's level of expertise of the product is fantastic... Rob has perfected his knowledge of the tool and allows your knowledge to grow whether you are a beginner or well-advanced. The training class was fantastic and exceeded our expectations." L.S.

"Rob provided excellent training that was customized to fit our needs and addressed our issues with the tool. He really knew the tool and had many tips and time saving tricks to share.  The class enhanced my understanding of the software.  It was great!" J.G.

"I want to also thank you for your training. I learned so much. Your presentation of the material was perfect and dead on." M.C.

"The instructor, his wide knowledge, and his willingness to share.  His concern that everyone in the class master the topics showed his patience." D.A.

"I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your training session in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. It's funny how you think you know what your doing until you meet someone who REALLY knows what they're doing. I put the knowledge to work immediately..." R.T.

"The instructor went above and beyond what was in the course materials." A.S.

"Instructor was very knowledgeable about subject matter. Due to the small size of the class, I was able to get information relative to my use of the product." T.M.

"I was impressed that the instructor did not follow the book slavishly, but addressed specific needs & concerns." M.M.

"After day one I thought, ‘this is easy,’ and then it struck me… the teacher was making it easy.” T.R

"Flexibility of the instructor to customize the class. It was very useful to just focus on topics that were relevant to our company and positions." ... "Very nice that instructor could come on-site and customize coursework." M.K.

"Answered all questions, and showed on the computer how to solve the problem." ... "Easy to follow the exercises."  C. Ö.

"Ability to answer our questions and cover lots of information in our 3 days." G.S.

"Excellent course & teacher." K.R.