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RoboHelp Training Calendar

Updated on 04/03/08

Help Consultants conducts onsite training for groups of 5 or more students.

Public courses are currently not available.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Click this image to see what it takes to become a Certified RoboHelp Instructor.

Our classes are taught by online documentation expert Rob Magrino, a Certified Instructor, Certified Technical Trainer, and Microsoft Certified Professional. Rob used to teach eHelp sponsored RoboHelp courses, and he also offers a 3-day Basic & Intermediate HTML-based Help training course, and a 2-day Advanced course, as well as customized RoboHelp training in Sweden, Canada, and the United States.



Classes are also offered with our training partner in Sweden, Linsoft AB
Help Consultants LLC
Dayton, Ohio
United States of America
Linsoft AB
Box 634
SE - 581 07 Linköping, Sweden

46 13 311588 (phone)
46 13 135695 (fax)
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